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Whispered Wonders (Minor Imperfection) or Boldly Beautiful (Major Imperfection)

As-is Description

WW: Yellow Spots / BB: Yellow Spots

  • Whispered Wonders (Minor Imperfection): Barely-there blemishes that add a touch of individuality. They're just waiting for a playful companion to share their soft-spoken secrets.
  • Boldly Beautiful (Major Imperfection): With pronounced tales of their own, these items shine brightly, eager for a home that sees beyond the surface to the stories within.

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Original Product Description

Pound the balls through the holes and watch them roll out of the box as soon as they drop in - all in a matter of seconds!

Designed with an inclined ramp so that no ball gets left behind. Comes with a chunky hammer that is easy for little fingers to grip and handle. Smooth, rounded edges minimize mishaps and accidents.

When you're a baby then this is a lot of fun! A hammer, a box and some colourful balls. Whack a ball through a hole and it'll roll out of the side. Do it again and again for extra laughs.

      More Information

      An inclined ramp makes sure no ball gets left behind once it drops to the base after being hammered by the light, wooden hammer.

      Set includes: 1 wooden box, 3 wooden balls, 1 wooden hammer

      Factors for Child Development:
      - Excellent for developing fine motor skills eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity; muscle movement; colour recognition; one-to-one correspondence; focus & attention span and also improves understanding of cause-and-effect
      - Schematic play: This toy is suited to children displaying the enclosing schema

      Age Recommendation



      - Sustainably made in Thailand
      - Crafted with chemical-free, kiln dried solid recycled rubberwood
      - Coated with non-toxic, water-based dyes
      - Assembled with formaldehyde-free E-zero glue

      Care Instructions

      For care or cleaning of the parts, they must be in a dry place, can be wiped with a damp cloth and dry immediately. The pieces should not be submerged in water nor should disinfectant be used.

      Dimension & Weight

      Package Dimension (W x L x H) :
      23.01 cm X 11.2 cm X 18.8 cm

      Product Dimension (W x L x H) :
      15.3 cm X 15.3 cm X 9.8 cm

      Package Weight :
      0.81 kg