1. Base the setup on the child's interest. (Only parents/caregivers know what works for a child. Every child is different—what works for my child may not work for yours and vice versa)
  2. Every family has different dynamics; do what is best for your family.
  3. These setup ideas aim to inspire (not intimidate), so they can range from very simple to elaborate. For instance (refer to image below), the cash register was built using existing items. 

    Tea Party, Doctor/Dentist, School/Class, Dress-Up, Picnic, Family, Hair Salon, Camping Adventure, Fashion Show, Bakery

    Doll Tea Party: Set up a pretend tea party with your child's doll and some toy tea cups and saucers. Your child can play the role of the host or hostess serving tea and snacks to the doll and other toys.

    Doll Doctor: Let your child be a doll doctor and take care of the doll's "health." He/She can use a toy medical kit to give the doll check-ups, bandage "injuries," and even administer pretend shots.

    Doll School/Class: Create a mini classroom setting and let your child be the teacher for the doll. He/She can use a small chalkboard or whiteboard to teach the doll mathematics, letters, or any other subject.

    Doll Dress-Up: Provide a selection of doll clothes and accessories for your child to dress up her doll with for different occasions or roles, such as a princess, superhero, or firefighter.

    Doll Picnic: Organise a pretend picnic for the doll and your child. They can pack a little pretend picnic basket with toy food and have a lovely outdoor playtime together.

    Doll Family: Create a family scenario with dolls, where your child can pretend to be a parent or sibling. He can have the dolls interact with each other, eat meals together, and go on imaginary outings.

    Doll Hair Salon: Set up a doll hair salon with a comb, brush, and pretend hair accessories. Your child can style the doll's hair and give it different looks.

    Doll Camping Adventure: Create a pretend camping trip for the doll, complete with a miniature tent, sleeping bag, and campfire. Your child can "roast" marshmallows and tell stories around the campfire.

    Doll Fashion Show: Arrange a doll fashion show, where your child can dress up her doll in different outfits and showcase them on a "runway."

    Doll Bakery: Set up a doll bakery with pretend baking tools and play dough. Your child can "bake" and "decorate" cakes and treats for the doll to enjoy. 

    Read more about Pretend Play—Key to Early Childhood Development or click here to find out more about how a particular pretend play setup can help enhance cognitive skills and develop social skills and emotional awareness. 


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