Hello and Welcome!

Petit Bubs was born out of love for thoughtfully designed pieces for kids.

From the moment your nesting instinct kicks in to first baby gifts, apparel, books, toys, child friendly home and beyond, we are extremely honoured to be with your family as you go through each life stage with your little one.

Our Story

As a new parent, you deserve to have access to the best choices for your little one. The inspiration for starting Petit Bubs came from a personal experience.

I was you.

Six months pregnant, hormonal, and uncomfortable, the biggest event of my life (welcoming a new human) was about to take place in a couple of months. I procrastinated on getting ready until one day he nudged me in my rib with his tiny elbow, and I knew that was my wake-up call. I launched the Internet browser, started researching and was seriously stunned at the amount of information available online. Feeling overwhelmed was an understatement -- I couldn’t decide what was the best for my son because there were so many choices and brands that I had not even heard of. So, I did what many first-time parents do -- I turned to friends and family for help. I realised then that recommendations were usually given based on products that they have personally used rather than products that were available in the market.

This is where we come in. We fill in that gap of selling only the best of the best. We are mindful about what products come into our home and yours, so all products are evaluated based on the following guiding principles that we hold close to our heart. Once they have passed our unyielding standards, they then make its way to our shelves, and ultimately into your homes.

The child is at the heart of every decision we make

Made to last

Our Products

Valuable, functional, and chic

peace of mind

Our Promise

Tested for safety and free from toxins

let kids be kids

Our Ethos

Child-led activities

Reducing carbon footprint every step of the way

As a business, we also strive to keep waste to a minimum to help sustain the environment for our future generations (especially our little ones!). As much as wrapping, ribbons and bows are beautiful, they only increase our carbon footprint. So, all orders, wherever possible, will arrive in carton boxes, water-based tapes and materials that can be recycled or up-cycled.

We present you with the best choices

We eliminate all the guessing work for you so that you are well equipped to focus on your family to connect, bond, and make memories.