Londji Where Are My Socks? | Game

By Londji


Once upon a time there was a family that had lots and lots of objects scattered around the house. Until one day they decided to tidy up..

A game with 2 modes:

1. Cards mode:

All the players at the same time look for the object among the cards and the quickest to find it places it on their character board. The first to collect 9 objects wins!

2. Board mode:

The player searches for the object tokens that appear on his or her board, and the first to collect 15 tokens from his or her space wins!

An ideal game for working on vocabulary, which stimulates observation and works on sustained attention.

A fun game of observation, attention and speed for the whole family. From 3 years old. Designed and manufactured with great care in Barcelona.

Get ready to play by downloading the rules here