Guidecraft Double-sided Roadway System


Children 2 and up can use the varying, double-sided, MDF laminate puzzle pieces in this 42-piece Roadway System to create countless roadway configurations and increase dramatic play opportunities using standard unit blocks.

Enhance creative, loose parts play with the Double-Sided Roadway System – 42 pc. set. Children 2 and up can use the varied sizes and shapes to create countless roadway configurations. MDF laminate puzzle pieces now feature screened details on both sides and are scaled to fit with Unit Blocks, increasing dramatic play opportunities. Set features 5 double-sided inspiration cards, providing examples of possible layouts and unique themes, furthering build opportunities. Additional blocks, cards and loose parts not included.

More Information

- Puzzle-like pieces now feature double-sided roadway details
- Pieces easily interlock and disassemble for multiple reconfigurations
- Encourage dramatic play, construction, deconstruction and reconstruction
- Set includes 42 puzzle pieces in varied sizes and 5 double-sided inspiration cards
- Scaled to be used with standard Unit Blocks, Community and Roadway Essentials sets, and Mini Wooden Trucks (not included)

Age Recommendation



Made from engineered wood with plywood veneer that is durable enough for continued use

Care Instructions

For care or cleaning of the parts, they must be in a dry place, can be wiped with a damp cloth and dry immediately.

The pieces should not be submerged in water nor should disinfectant be used.