HeyDoodle Extended Pens set


Ran out of ink?
This set contains 12 HeyDoodle markers (3 bonus colours)

This is the extended pen set for HeyDoodle Mats Collection.

      More Information

      Why HeyDoodle?

      1. Fun & Educational based designs
      Colour, trace and seek! Each mat features an element of colour, trace and seek to make it both fun and educational.

      2. Food grade silicone
      Our silicone placemat is free from harmful chemicals or substances, FDA approved, non-toxic and guaranteed safe for our little ones.

      3. Washable, wipeable, REUSABLE
      The beauty of this material is its ability to be cleaned and refreshed simply by using a damp cloth or by washing with soap and water.

      4. Lightweight and Flexible
      These silicone mats are so easy to fold and unfold, making them a breeze to pack up and take wherever you go.

      5. Convenient carry pouch
      Store your mats and markers in the carry pouch which will take up very little room in your going out bag. Handy for an activity on the go!

      6. HeyDoodle market set
      Each kit comes with a set of 9 non-toxic markers to perfectly compliment the mats. We strongly recommend HeyDoodle markers to ensure the longevity of the mats.

      Age Recommendation

      3 years+, adult supervision is required for children under 36 months as pen caps can become a choking hazard


      Non-toxic markers