Kitpas Dustless Art Chalk | 6, 12 Colours

By Kitpas

Colour: 12 Colours

The Kitpas Dustless Chalk are known for being smoother, more vibrant in colour (stand out against the black chalkboards) and lasting twice as long as conventional chalk. vibrant and it is great for using on paper as well. They can be wiped away easily. 

Made from completely safe and non toxic materials such as limestone-based calcium carbonate (found in toothpaste) and recycled scallop seashells, the homogeneously mixed particles prevents the powder from becoming loose and smearing against small hands and the drawing medium. All Kitpas chalk is coated with the same quality material to further prevent those bothersome powdery hands.

Kitpas developed a patented process to recycle these shell byproducts. The use of powdered shells had the additional benefit of making Kitpas Chalks stronger, smoother, and longer lasting than the regular calcium carbonate chalk. It’s no surprise that more than 60% of the chalks currently used by schools in Japan are Kitpas Chalks.


  • 12 Colours
  • 6 Colours (Basic) - Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Violet, White
  • 6 Colours (Neon) - Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue, Violet, White
  • 6 Colours (Slim) - Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Violet, White (go well with Slim Chalk Holder)

    More Information

    All Kitpass chalks are safe, non-toxic and meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety regulations.

    Age Recommendation

    3 years+ (Choking hazard due to small parts)


    Recycled scallop seashells blended with calcium carbonate

    Dimension & Weight

    Chalk Size: 6.3cm (length) x 1.1cm (diameter)