Kitpas Slim Chalk Holder

By Kitpas

The Kitpas Chalk Holders are designed for educators and the more professional artists who prefer minimal contact with the chalk, as well as a pen like grip for a more controlled and graceful line. It also prevents the chalk from breaking and ensures it's used to it's entire length. Includes one slimline chalk in white in Holder and one extra for replacement.

All Kitpas Chalks are made from completely safe and non toxic materials such as calcium carbonate (found in toothpaste) and scallop seashells. The homogeneously mixed particles from what it is made up of and coated in, prevents the powder from becoming loose to avoid those bothersome powdery hands.

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Age Recommendation

3 years+ (Choking hazard due to small parts)

Dimension & Weight

10.5 x 1 cm