Londji Dans L'Igloo | Puzzle Progressive

By Londji

Puzzle | Progressive 9+12+16+20

Who is hiding inside the frozen world of our friend Kimu? Put on the magic glasses and you will discover playful seals, mischievous penguins and all their friends.

Inside the box you will find 4 puzzles of 9, 12, 16 and 20 pieces. In this way the child can gradually increase the level of difficulty. The set is complemented by two colored lenses (one red and one blue). Once the puzzle is assembled and looking through the lens, we will discover hidden characters and small surprises.

4 progressive puzzles (from 9 to 20 pieces) and two magic lenses. For girls and boys from 3 years old. You will discover a wonderful world hidden under the ice!

    More Information

    Puzzle Pieces: 9+12+16+20 (Progressive)
    Illustration Aina Bestard
    Made in Barcelona

    Age Recommendation

    3 years+


    FSC paper and recycled cardboard

    Dimension & Weight

    Size 34 x 25 cm (x4)
    Box dimensions 23,5x23,7x8 cm