Londji Home Sweet Home | Game

By Londji


Once upon a time...there was a city where all the houses were beautiful, colourful, not too tall and decorated with lots of flowers.

Help to build the most beautiful city possible.

A maths card game, very funny, where the players do simple mental arithmetic in order to win the game. The objective is to create a city by building houses. In turn, each player picks a card and places it on one of the buildings or exchanges it with another player. If your card is of a roof design, you must check that the sum of all the windows in building corresponds to the number in the top right hand corner of the roof tile. Each time one of the players manages to complete a house by putting the roof on, they will earn points. Players must be constantly calculating where is the best place to building each floor. A didactic card game where simple calculation must be solved in order to build the maximum number of buildings and become the winner.

Rules of the game is available for download here