Londji Where is the Cheese? | Game

By Londji


Help your cook find all he needs to prepare dinner! An observation game for the whole family.

Each player has a cook-themed cardboard sheet with ten cut out holes. The ingredients (and kitchen utensils) are placed on the table in view of all the players. Everybody ready? You can now turn over the first card. As quickly as possible, the players have to find the ingredients that appear on the menu. Who will be the fastest? The first chef to fill his cardboard sheet with ten ingredients (or kitchen utensils) will be the winner!

This game has many possibilities..... We can play with food labelling or incorporate other languages. We could also play with real recipes or even invent new ones!

A game for observation and speed in the world of cooking. A game for the whole family. Designed and manufactured with love in Barcelona. For kids over the age of three.